Why do you need a consultant?

As consultants, we advise you when you have a problem, but the path and goal are not clear. Our focus is on the issue or process. Together we develop effective, well-founded and implementable solution proposals. You need a professional outside perspective that provides you with fresh ideas for solutions.

Goals and areas of our coaching

We develop and formulate the goals for our coaching together. However, possible goals can be as follows:


  • Increasing motivation of sales teams
    in various business areas
  • Strategic sales thinking
  • Development of new perspectives
    and possible solutions.
  • Change of ingrained, old patterns and inner beliefs
  • Understanding of your own share of the causes for conflicts
  • You are in a position to make important decisions
  • Integration of new employees
  • Change of your own behavior towards other people. Professionally and privately
  • Minimization of conflicts in your environment
  • You are happier and more satisfied with your life situation.


Coaching is time-limited, thematically defined and oriented towards a goal. My individual consulting of single persons, groups or teams is directed at technical or psychological-socio-dynamic questions or problems, which refer to the working world or private life.


Consulting usually involves professional support in solving specific company-related problems. Me and my team of consultants use our extensive expertise to develop concrete solution proposals and strategies tailored to the company or individual.


As experienced mentors, we use our expertise to support the mentee’s professional career and personal development.

This creates a relationship between two people: the mentee, who wants to achieve goals, and us as mentors, who accompany and support the mentee along the way. In this process, we take on the role of advisor and experienced counselor.

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