Why do you need a mentor?

Mentoring serves companies in particular as a personnel development tool, but also in other areas such as training, career or leisure. A basic distinction can be made between formal mentoring and informal mentoring: Informal mentoring discussions arise in a private environment without organization or structuring from outside. Something like this can arise quite by chance – like a friendship. Formal mentoring relationships, on the other hand, usually arise through mediation within the framework of a mentoring program. Here, mentor:in and mentee find each other and the subsequent counseling sessions are documented and evaluated.

Goals and areas of our mentoring

We see our mentoring as a method of knowledge transfer that is used particularly in the corporate environment, but is not limited to it. Mentoring can also be used in personal relationships if it is a suitable method for passing on experience and knowledge.
Our mentoring can thus be an effective instrument of personnel development, provided that certain aspects are taken into account in the approach and formation of mentor-mentee tandems. Through our trustful cooperation with the mentee, this can reduce fears, develop the organization as a whole and promote communication and transparency.


Coaching is time-limited, thematically defined and oriented towards a goal. My individual consulting of single persons, groups or teams is directed at technical or psychological-socio-dynamic questions or problems, which refer to the working world or private life.


Consulting usually involves professional support in solving specific company-related problems. Me and my team of consultants use our extensive expertise to develop concrete solution proposals and strategies tailored to the company or individual.


As experienced mentors, we use our expertise to support the mentee’s professional career and personal development.

This creates a relationship between two people: the mentee, who wants to achieve goals, and us as mentors, who accompany and support the mentee along the way. In this process, we take on the role of advisor and experienced counselor.

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