We arrange an initial meeting online or in person to clarify the matter and the mandate. Together we find out whether a cooperation makes sense for both parties. We also clarify whether the mandate will be conducted online or as a presence mandate.

Address Germany

Apothekerstrasse 30
59755 Arnsberg

Address Mallorca

Calle de la Palma 3
07003 Palma de Mallorca
España – Baleares


Coaching is time-limited, thematically defined and oriented towards a goal. My individual consulting of single persons, groups or teams is directed at technical or psychological-socio-dynamic questions or problems, which refer to the working world or private life.


Consulting usually involves professional support in solving specific company-related problems. Me and my team of consultants use our extensive expertise to develop concrete solution proposals and strategies tailored to the company or individual.


As experienced mentors, we use our expertise to support the mentee’s professional career and personal development.

This creates a relationship between two people: the mentee, who wants to achieve goals, and us as mentors, who accompany and support the mentee along the way. In this process, we take on the role of advisor and experienced counselor.

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