Klaus Merckx

Businessman, Networker, Systemic coach
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Coaching is time-limited, thematically defined and oriented towards a goal. My individual consulting of single persons, groups or teams is directed at technical or psychological-socio-dynamic questions or problems, which refer to the working world or private life.


Consulting usually involves professional support in solving specific company-related problems. Me and my team of consultants use our extensive expertise to develop concrete solution proposals and strategies tailored to the company or individual.


As experienced mentors, we use our expertise to support the mentee’s professional career and personal development.

This creates a relationship between two people: the mentee, who wants to achieve goals, and us as mentors, who accompany and support the mentee along the way. In this process, we take on the role of advisor and experienced counselor.

My Philosophy

You have the freedom to choose the life you want to live – including your career, your life partner, your home, your lifestyle and all aspects of your health.

I will support you in discovering your desires, formulating your strategy and realizing your visions, dreams and goals.

My conviction

People have their own answers within themselves.

People have the power to manifest their answers.

People can create their lives the way they want them to be.

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You know you are working on your business, not just in your business. But you do not know how to start?

You know you are working on your business, not just in your business. But you do not know how to start?
I’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years and have built businesses in a wide variety of business sectors. In Mallorca I am a partner of a real estate investment company.
At the same time I help people in Germany and Spain with my coaching on their way to success.

Since 2021 I live and work in Germany (NRW) as well as on Mallorca.
At the same time, I am currently studying at the Quadriga University in Berlin to get certified as a “Systemic Coach”.

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